Challenge Arrowbarrows 

After a wet (but very good) show in the pouring rain at Wadebridge Carnival, the Arrowbarrows had a ray of sunshine light up their day….

We had the great honour of meeting Anneka Rice (and Graham!). 

Thanks Anneka – it was a great way to end a very wet Arrowbarrows show.


The 1st Practice Done! 

Our stout British pilots have got the first practice out of the way and some new manoeuvres have been born…. Roll on Saltash!

The Barrows being unveiled at the ‘secret location’ ready for the first rehearsal

Waiting to get to the practice airfield outside the ‘secret location’

Topgun discussing the new manoeuvres with the eager pilots…

Soundtrack 1st Edit Complete!  

The first phase of the 2017 soundtrack is complete. Three of the Barrows worked into the night to get the songs cut and mixed down.  It could be the best one yet…

Topgun, Clive Gun and the Baron hard at work….

The boys doing their thing…

Topgun hard at work on getting the new manoeuvres worked out with the music…

The Baron and Clive Gun on the mix…

Topgun and Clive Gun talking shop..

A job well done!