The Final Flight! Over and out…

The last ever Arrowbarrows performance has been done.

The final flight (and hugely emotional for all of us at Arrowbarrows HQ).

What a ride its been over the last ten years.

Thank you everyone for making our journey so special!

(If the Barrows can recruit some new pilots, we maybe able to fly again, in the mean time – Tally Ho!)

Over and out


The Grande Finale! The Final Flight! 06.05.19

Join us for the final flight of The Arrowbarrows on 6th May in Harrowbarrow.

On the 10th anniversary of The Arrowbarrows, we have the very sad news that this will be our final battle. (sniff) (sniff)

Its been 10 glorious years for our magnificent men and their flying machines, but all good things must come to an end.

Come and see the 10th year anniversary show at the Harrowbarrow May Day celebration.

Chocks away!!

Red Nose Barron

That pesky Red Barron has traded his battle helmet for a Red Nose and a Mario hat in aid of Comic Relief! A rare day of joy for our arch rival? (His face doesn’t seem to say so….)