Final Rehearsal Complete – On To Saltash!

That’s it! The final rehearsal has been done and we are ready for the opening show in Saltash on Saturday! Chocks away ladies and gentlemen!!!


One thought on “Final Rehearsal Complete – On To Saltash!

  1. I have just watched, for the first time, the MAGNIFICENT ArrowBarrows display team here in Teignmouth. On such a hot day too. What precision flying, such courage, concentration and cleverly concocted collisions! We had heard about Alginon’s reputation and did lock up our daughters ….. as a more mature lady, I did try to catch his eye, with offers of a nice cup of tea …. or more, but sadly he seemed only to concentrate on his girls in the ring. Must be the uniforms! Was I the only one calling out the code, ‘Colonel’ ?( My days spent in MI5 had it’s uses.) Power to your barrows and may the joy you bring to so many, continue. P.S.The Red Arrows usually come to Dawlish, should I have a word?….. you may be a tad cheaper but at least we could see your faces! Jenny J

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